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Main Location: San Antonio, TX

Looking to Train with someone who helped Pioneer the fitness industry?  


With close to 30 years as a Professional International athlete, fitness presenter, Lifestyle Coach, cover model and endorsed athlete, Monica Brant has joined forces with fitness and performance coach,  mental conditioning coach, obstacle course racing (OCR) coach/athlete Yancy Culp of YancyCamp.com, to create a complete 'Balanced Fitness' online training program available to men and women, worldwide!

Over the years Monica has developed a system of training that helped her achieve titles such as IFBB Fitness Olympia, WBFF World’s Figure Pro x2, and Master’s Track & Field Champion.  Though most importantly to Monica is how fitness has consistently played an important role in her life; even outside of the competition world.  Throughout her competitive years, she acquired 1000s of hours of training, and during this time she also fell in love with coaching and sharing her knowledge with others.  Her 'body and soul' approach is second to none and if you’re looking to begin your fitness journey or take your current level of fitness to greater heights, you have come to the right place!

As a monthly member of 'Balanced Fitness Online Training Club', you will be able to access priceless workouts that Monica uses not only for her private clientele but also personally.

Careful explanations and detailed instruction will be given for proper 'Mo-difications' along with videos private to ACTIVE members only. 
*Each workout is written in a way that allows them to be easily scaled down if necessary.

Along with the membership a private FB Group will be available to connect with Monica and the rest of the members to discuss the workouts, ask questions,  discuss life coaching and motivational strategies, and provide you with an opportunity to lean on Monica and Yancy for guidance.    You will also have access to Monica's fitness testing and tracking system.  


This program WILL empower you to reach and exceed your fitness goals ...at any level of fitness !


Click on graphic below to train with Monica!  See you inside!!!